What’s in a Name?

Have you ever pondered as to how all the different cheeses came to get their individual names? For example did you know that Cottage cheese was derived by farmers who had some milk left over from making butter and most of them lived in cottages, hence the name ‘cottage cheese.’ Here is an article which…

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Another Advantage of eating Cheese!

Here is an interesting article by Madeleine Muzdakis from My Modern Met, which talks about a study that took place in lowa State University, (the ‘good old’) USA. It is a study which investigates links between our diets and cognitive health, as we age as adults. It is suggested that when cheese is paired with…

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Thinking of visiting the good old USA sometime in the future and like a challenge?

There’s a place called ‘MELT‘ Bar and Grilled, which is owned by Cleveland musician and chef Matt Fish. Matt’s first MELT Bar and Grilled opened in September 2006 in Lakewood, Ohio. It is here that they have the ‘MELT Challenge.’ The challenge consists of a Monster grilled sandwich, that weighs over 5lbs, and is made…

Row Over Cheese!

There has been abit of an arguement over the Halloumi cheese during a trade deal between Canada and Europe. The island, which prides itself in being the first to create the chewy cheese; Cyprus wants guaranteed protection from other ‘copy cat’ products that suggest to be Halloumi cheese. Perhaps it is only right, that Cyprus…

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What a Waste of Cheese!

Did you hear about a tractor-trailer overturning in the USA? it was at an interstate in Nashville, to be precise. It spilt 40,000lbs of not just cheese but macaroni all over the road, what an accident to happen! Here’s an article in Ladbible, if you fancy a look at the carnage of spilt Mac and cheese.

Would anyone like to try Prince Charles’s Cheesy Baked Eggs?

Image from Instagram/Clarence House

As you may know Prince Charles is quite an advocate when it comes to organic food and supporting small British businesses, especially during these uncertain times. The recipe that is included in this Daily Mail article is apparently one of Prince Charles’s favourites. What do you think? Would you give it a try?