Branston Pickle ‘Please the Cheese’

This Branston Please The Cheese T.v Advert is from You Tube and was posted by Bring out the Branston on 30 June 2017.

I love this advert with a selection of cheeses all rushing, hoping and asking to be pickled with the ‘Holy’ Branston pickle, which they worship. All the cheeses have their distinctive little characters and in a way appear quite cute. One of my favourites is (what I think could be blue cheese) where this cheese let’s off a little gas, (with excitement) and looks behind to see a smaller piece of cheese being knocked over with the smell.

In my opinion Branston pickle is a lovely accompliment to many cheese’s, my favourite at the moment is to have ‘Somerset Crunchy Extra Mature Cheddar’ with it in a tiger bread sandwich… yummy!

Are you a Branston Pickle fan? If so which Lucky cheese do you have to share with the pickle?