How about some Cheese Inspired Interior Design!

You could say this is an Interesting take on Cheese Inspired Interior Design! 😀

Although Italian-Canadian artist Cosimo Cavallaro created this Cheesy Make over, now over 10 years ago, it still has the credit of being the ‘Cheesiest hotel room ever.’

When the owner of Washington Jefferson Hotel, in New York, Bob Lindenbaum commissioned artist Cosimo to decorate one of his hotel rooms, with the idea to create some attention. He was not let down. The result certainly got people talking.

Cosimo Cavallaro’s medium that he used was 1,000lbs of melted cheese and not one part of the room was left untouched by the stringy cheese. He coated everything from the floor to ceiling, even including the telephone.

Why not take a look for yourselves in this Daily Mail Article

Also why not check out some of Cosimo Cavallaro’s other pieces of artwort from his own website . His portfolio of perishables include, Model Twiggy covered in cheese, a jacket and boots covered in cheese, and a cheesy covered chair. His most recent project is a Cheese Wall.