Raclette Cheese

Raclette Cheese

London Street Food (This Mobile Cusine was found in Camden Town, London)

This Cheese looks Sooo Tasty, watching it melt and being scrapped off on to other food is mouth watering and can also be quite hypnotizing.

Raclette is a Swiss Cheese which is made from a semi hard Cows milk and is produced into a Wheel shape.  It is generally melted in the front of an open fire or by a special machine and then scrapped on to your food, such as potatoes.  The ideal drinks to accompany this cheese dish would be something warm like tea or maybe a little White Wine.  Water may not be such a good option as it has been known to harden the cheese in the stomach, which has subsequently lead to indigestion.

When looking at a smaller scale way of getting melted Raclette Cheese I came across this Partyclette Raclette Set, which I thought was a good idea for small gathering of friends or family.  You could also melt other cheeses instead of Raclette.  It is nice and easy to transport and could even be taken on a picnic, when the weather is better 🙂

(This YouTube video was published on the 11 October 2017 by Settime 2588)