Snow Sculpturing

Snow Sculpturing

The snow which we have been having over the last few days made me consider having a go at Snow Sculpturing, but as yet I haven’t managed to muster up the courage to start.

There are many Amazing Snow and Ice Sculptures being produced by creative and talented people when looking on Pinterest.  Here are a couple which I came across, which of course are cheese related 🙂

This one of a mouse having a taste of some Swiss Cheese, which I thought was quite sweet, was cleverley created by ivantheterrible on flickr where they have a selection of other sculptures.

This sculpture below was naturally named ‘Snow Cheese‘ and was cleverly created by Grell-ka on the Deviant Art Site.  The stack of Swiss Cheese sculpture looks really realistic (except of cause on a large scale) with the different shapes and sizes, at different angles.

5 Wonderful Snow Sculptures Of Food

Looking at all this snow on the internet and going out in the snow, with the weather how it is at the moment.  I don’t know about you but it makes me feel like hibernating (It’s Freezing!!!).  Think it is time for a hot drink and perhaps time to get the fondue set out for a warm cheesy treat.  I came across a cool fun fondue set the other day, to cheer you up on gloomy days and gives a little colour to parties.