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If you would like to have ago and create this colourful tasty toastie, you can find the recipe here. Think I may have a go with this one, theres nothing like abit of comfort food, is there :p Read more

This Branston advert is really a creative piece of art work. The fantastic detailed cheese sculpture of times past people working together to make cheese, from start to the finish product. Displaying it with great pride to present it with the pickle. The look on the man’s face once he places the pickle on the Read more

Ever stayed in a hotel and been disappointed with the bland and conservative interior design which lacks creativity and imagination? If the answer is yes and you are in London anywhere between 29 January and 6 February and fancy a change from the ‘norm,’ how about spending a night in “The Cheese Suite,” in Camden? Read more

You could say this is an Interesting take on Cheese Inspired Interior Design! 😀 Although Italian-Canadian artist Cosimo Cavallaro created this Cheesy Make over, now over 10 years ago, it still has the credit of being the ‘Cheesiest hotel room ever.’ When the owner of Washington Jefferson Hotel, in New York, Bob Lindenbaum commissioned artist Read more

Snow Sculpturing The snow which we have been having over the last few days made me consider having a go at Snow Sculpturing, but as yet I haven’t managed to muster up the courage to start. There are many Amazing Snow and Ice Sculptures being produced by creative and talented people when looking on Pinterest.  Read more

Babybel Cheese Wax This guy is Exceptionally talented!!!  He makes models of well known Film and Television Characters, Fruit and Veg and Seasonal Events such as ‘Halloween’ and ‘Christmas,’ all from the red wax that the Babybel Cheeses are wrapped in.  His family have started up a Facebook page for him called ‘Mitchell’s Marvellous Models.’  Read more

Drunken Cheese’ Anyone? Have you heard of ‘Drunken Cheese’?  There’s no need to buy your wine separately with this Cheese 🙂 , unless you would like a cheeky little glass of wine, just to compare tastes 😉 .  These Wheels sell from between 100-200 Euro’s (which in sterling is £88 – £176).  There are 15 Read more