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There’s a place called ‘MELT‘ Bar and Grilled, which is owned by Cleveland musician and chef Matt Fish. Matt’s first MELT Bar and Grilled opened in September 2006 in Lakewood, Ohio. It is here that they have the ‘MELT Challenge.’ The challenge consists of a Monster grilled sandwich, that weighs over 5lbs, and is made Read more

Cheese Easter egg Coming Soon to an Asda’s near you…… Blacksticks Cheester Egg, they should be in Store from the 16th March!!!  How Eggciting!! :-p Apparently the Cheesy Easter Delight consists half an egg made of Blue Cheese, Crackers and a sachet of Caramelised Chutney, it looks really tasty and a great alternative to chocolate. Read more

Snow Sculpturing The snow which we have been having over the last few days made me consider having a go at Snow Sculpturing, but as yet I haven’t managed to muster up the courage to start. There are many Amazing Snow and Ice Sculptures being produced by creative and talented people when looking on Pinterest.  Read more

Which Cheese describes your Personality Fancy taking part in a quiz (from BuzzFeed) to find out which cheese describes your personality?  I have taken part in the quiz and apparently Brie Matches my Personality.  It says:  You have a bit of a rough exterior, but it doesn’t take much effort to discover that you’re just Read more

Cheese Quiz Anyone? How well do you know your Cheeses?  Can you pass this 8 Question Cheese Quiz?  From Buzzfeed.  I got 7 out of 8 right – I can’t brie-lieve it! Looking at cheese activities here is a Fun Free Game called ‘Mouse Smasher,’ it’s all about protecting the cheese!  The Creative visuals are Read more

Raclette Cheese London Street Food (This Mobile Cusine was found in Camden Town, London) This Cheese looks Sooo Tasty, watching it melt and being scrapped off on to other food is mouth watering and can also be quite hypnotizing. Raclette is a Swiss Cheese which is made from a semi hard Cows milk and is Read more

Cheese Pulling Contest Fancy some FUN?  Cheese Pulling Contest Anyone?  There is one taking place at Rascals Restaurant in London, which has partnered up with The Urban Cheese Maker.  What you can Win is your Own Body Weight in Cheese!!! At the Cheese Pulling Contest You will be greeted with a glass of Complimentary wine, Read more