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There has been abit of an arguement over the Halloumi cheese during a trade deal between Canada and Europe. The island, which prides itself in being the first to create the chewy cheese; Cyprus wants guaranteed protection from other ‘copy cat’ products that suggest to be Halloumi cheese. Perhaps it is only right, that Cyprus Read more

What a Waste of Cheese!

Did you hear about a tractor-trailer overturning in the USA? it was at an interstate in Nashville, to be precise. It spilt 40,000lbs of not just cheese but macaroni all over the road, what an accident to happen! Here’s an article in Ladbible, if you fancy a look at the carnage of spilt Mac and cheese.

As you may know Prince Charles is quite an advocate when it comes to organic food and supporting small British businesses, especially during these uncertain times. The recipe that is included in this Daily Mail article is apparently one of Prince Charles’s favourites. What do you think? Would you give it a try? Read more

This Branston advert is really a creative piece of art work. The fantastic detailed cheese sculpture of times past people working together to make cheese, from start to the finish product. Displaying it with great pride to present it with the pickle. The look on the man’s face once he places the pickle on the Read more

I love this advert with a selection of cheeses all rushing, hoping and asking to be pickled with the ‘Holy’ Branston pickle, which they worship. All the cheeses have their distinctive little characters and in a way appear quite cute. One of my favourites is (what I think could be blue cheese) where this cheese Read more

I think the concept of the story is a interesting idea, the animation is good quality and the cows etc seem to enjoying themselves, lol. Love the poor cockerel at the beginning of the advert and feel a little sorry for him :D. Not to sure about the red laughing cow though. What do you Read more

Ever stayed in a hotel and been disappointed with the bland and conservative interior design which lacks creativity and imagination? If the answer is yes and you are in London anywhere between 29 January and 6 February and fancy a change from the ‘norm,’ how about spending a night in “The Cheese Suite,” in Camden? Read more

You could say this is an Interesting take on Cheese Inspired Interior Design! 😀 Although Italian-Canadian artist Cosimo Cavallaro created this Cheesy Make over, now over 10 years ago, it still has the credit of being the ‘Cheesiest hotel room ever.’ When the owner of Washington Jefferson Hotel, in New York, Bob Lindenbaum commissioned artist Read more

Halloumi fries Have you heard that Nando’s have on their New menu Halloumi fries? They are just one of the new additions to their menu (part of the starter menu), but perhaps could be one of the best!  If you choose to try these new fries they come with a yummy side order of sweet Read more

World’s Oldest Cheese Friendly Warning:  You may not want to read this article if you have just eaten or you are about to. How old do think the oldest cheese in the World is?  Well Scientists have discovered that it dates back to 1,615BC, they found pieces of the cheese on the neck and chests Read more

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