Cheese Pulling Contest

Cheese Pulling Contest

Fancy some FUNCheese Pulling Contest Anyone?  There is one taking place at Rascals Restaurant in London, which has partnered up with The Urban Cheese Maker.  What you can Win is your Own Body Weight in Cheese!!!

At the Cheese Pulling Contest You will be greeted with a glass of Complimentary wine, then to start the Evening off there is a DIY Mozzarella Master Class where you learn how to stretch the cheese.  There is a French dish called ‘Aligot‘ which is served table-side.  Plus there is entertainment from ‘Mary Camemberry‘.   It is on intil March.  The next Cheese Pulling Events here are on 21st and 28th February 2018.  Tickets cost £35, be there for 18:30 for a 19:00 Start and it Finishes at 22:30.

If you would like to see an example of the Event, this is a link which I found on MSN- Cheese Pulling Contest Footage.



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