Thinking of visiting the good old USA sometime in the future and like a challenge?

There’s a place called ‘MELT‘ Bar and Grilled, which is owned by Cleveland musician and chef Matt Fish. Matt’s first MELT Bar and Grilled opened in September 2006 in Lakewood, Ohio. It is here that they have the ‘MELT Challenge.’ The challenge consists of a Monster grilled sandwich, that weighs over 5lbs, and is made from 13 different cheeses, three slices of grilled bread and if that is not enough for you, it is accompanied with a pile of hand-cut fries and slaw. There are a few conditions though, you have to eat it all yourself without any help and you can’t make any trips to the bathroom before you finish it. What do you think, could you take on the challenge and get yourself immortalized on the online MELT Challenge Hall of Fame?

Below is the story of how the MELT Bar and Grilled came to be.

This clip is from the MELT website.

Here is an example of what you could expect if you were to take on the ‘Melt’ Challenge. The Melt Bar and Grill is not just located in Ohio, it has expanded into 7 other locations across America, here is a link to their website.

This clip is also from the MELT bar and Grill website.

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